Community Involvement


The August Electronics family is proud to call Calgary home. We have a tremendous City rich with amenities, cultural diversity, social consciousness and business philanthropy. We enjoy a climate full of opportunity, innovation and growth. As a local employer we have the ability to be stewards for change and impact our community in meaningful ways.

Calgarian’s have always fostered a unique spirit of supporting one another. We share in these values and want to continually engage our community in meaningful initiatives.


We are involved with Southern Alberta Electronics Charity Organization (SAECO), whose golf carts we have been sponsoring for the last 20 years. All proceeds go to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Ernest Manning Robotics Team

To encourage student interest in applied electronics and engineering, we sponsor Calgary based robotics teams or after school clubs at the high school level. For over 5 years, we have been supporting the development of youth skill sets for a future in the electronics industry and this year, we are sponsoring the Robotics Team at Ernest Manning High School.

SAIT Electronics Manufacturing Diploma Award

SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) is renowned for providing young minds the opportunity to advance and grow within technology and specific disciplines. We see tremendous value in students being supported to design, innovate and collaborate on new projects. Technology is being focused at all levels of industry and we recognize the impact of change forthcoming. With the emergence of IoT, Blockchain and transformative electronics we want to reward those committed to a career path in electronics. The creation of an Award is aimed at inspiring students and challenging them to be on the leading edge.

Learn more about the SAIT Electronics Manufacturing Diploma Award here.

Louise Dean Centre

Our youth have never been more challenged as much as they are today. We recognize the value of family and the creation of opportunity for all youth. Our communities thrive with passionate people and we were truly humbled to see the work Louise Dean Centre does.

Without the ability to provide supportive environments to educate, guide and mentor these teens; many of these young women and their children would suffer. Facing social and economic hardship is not conducive to raising a child. In addition to financial support our team has committed volunteer hours and mentorship opportunities for employment.

This unique facility fosters the necessary counselling and education for these young women to complete their High School Diplomas and begin their journey into post-secondary education or the workforce. Much deeper than that, they provide stability, security and act as a beacon of hope for families who in many cases may not have the resources available.

We draw inspiration from their resiliency and commitment. We are lucky to share in a small part of the journey. We hope our involvement can positively affect change and empower these women and their children to go on to great things. For more information on the Louise Dean Centre click here.

We’re constantly evolving our corporate social responsibility

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