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Internet of things in manufacturing

In line with our vision to offer state-of-the-art expertise to promote electronics innovation, August Electronics recognizes the tremendous potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and the need for manufacturing IoT capable devices.

Connected devices are not a novelty in electronics. It is merely a consumer application of systems that exist in the industrial setting. Now, it is seeing greater application in consumer-oriented Human Machine Interface (HMI) environments that blend rich data and real-time processing.

The enhanced connectivity of Internet-enabled devices is rapidly transforming the landscape by equipping objects with minuscule identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers. Wearable devices for fitness and health monitoring or for assisted living as well as home automation appliances and control systems are some of the applications representing IoT solutions. This industry is evolving at breakneck speed and in the process opening a new realm of opportunity and challenge for industrial OEM’s with the unification of consumers, enhanced data security, and intelligent systems.

Internet of Things industry includes machine-to-machine (M2M) communication devices, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) / industrial control systems (ICS) platforms, infrastructure/asset performance monitoring and surveillance systems, process automation and advanced data analytics.

IOTSome of the types of products we have supported our IoT client’s manufacture include:

  • Moving or stationary asset tracking and monitoring devices
  • Audio and video devices and supporting equipment
  • Rental equipment location and usage monitoring systems
  • Remote sensor monitoring for motion, vibrations, temperature, humidity, leaks, or intrusions (residential or commercial)
  • Automated control systems based on sensory data inputs
  • Communication devices
  • Health and wellness monitoring devices
  • Air quality and ventilation control systems
  • Security devices and smart alarm systems
  • Smart home control systems including door locks, lighting, thermostats, vents, plugs, and irrigation
  • Smart meters and energy monitoring systems
  • Automated door controls and lift systems
  • Gateway modules

How August can help with IoT solutions for manufacturing

We strive to bring mature industrial technologies and operations with custom data capture applications, digitization and big-data analysis of fleet operations.

Our IoT manufacturing facility can handle all three sectors of the oil and gas production cycle. Our team of process engineers and technologists have extensive experience manufacturing to CSA, UL and ETL standards. We are knowledgeable in hardware and software architecture comprised of digital signal processors (DSP), human machine interfaces (HMI) and global positioning systems (GPS) that are widely applicable to this sector.

We service oil and gas clients of all sizes. They benefit from end-to-end visibility of their supply chain, advanced analytics for risk management and opportunity identification, reduced time to market, and lower cost. Our facility also has a dedicated area for aftermarket support including repair and refurbishments of dirty oil field equipment. Whether you are selling or using new equipment or offering rental equipment to support many operations, we tailor our services to what you require.

Our capabilities for the IoT industry include:

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly (SMT or Though-Hole)
  • Box build and electro-mechanical assembly
  • Cables, connectors and wiring harnesses
  • Dust free room sealed with positive air pressure for assembly of devices containing infrared and optical sensors
  • Consigned or turn key inventory store and management
  • In process inspections at every stage of production
  • Final assembly inspection and testing
  • 3D AOI and In-line AOI on every SMT line
  • Shipping and packaging of products for end use customers
  • Bar code tracking for traceability

Learn more about how we help IOT industry OEMs:

Accolades from our clients and strategic partnerships

testimonial placeholder
August Electronics worked closely with us to successfully launch volume production of several of our products. I was impressed by their willingness and ability to customize their order management systems to accommodate our business model. Overall, I am pleased with the dedication, effort and skill August demonstrated during the NPI phase of our product launch.

Trevor Z.
VP Operations, Telecommunications OEM
April 11

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