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Electronic instrumentation

Instrumentation is evolving from the mere provision of hardware products to the provision of integrated software-based solutions. With the increasing modularity of products, enhanced configurability, cost efficiency, and flexibility are important considerations. Improving safety as well as environmental consideration are also very prevalent motivators for change.

In its most basic sense; instrumentation can be defined as the veins, arteries, plumbing and controls that obtain process measurement, regulate control and securely transport media. Instrumentation is the lifeline of every process plant. Achieving optimal performance means reliability is critical. How we configure process controls and operation is dramatically different today than it was in year’s past.

Contract electronic manufacturing solutions providers help to reduce your product’s time to market, allowing you to focus on developing enhanced software and hardware technologies for augmented measurement accuracy and automated process configurations.

The instrumentation industry is a feeder for many other end-industries such as: industrial controls and equipment in oil and gas, construction and mining sectors, consumer goods in health, wellness and smart home applications, as well as in transportation, automotive and marine industries.

Major oil and gas companies are investing in technologies that bring renewable, low-carbon energy to consumers, and that reduce their own environmental footprints. More companies are exploring the deployment of artificial intelligence, analytics, robotics, and block chain to increase efficiency, productivity, reliability, and predictability of operations.

InstrumentationSome of the types of products we have supported our clients within the instrumentation industry manufacture include:

  • Process photometers
  • Viscometers
  • Wet chemical analyzers
  • Oil-in-water and total suspended solid (TSS) monitors
  • Turbidity, suspended solids and color monitors and sensors
  • Electronic volume corrector
  • Odorant level monitors and analyzers
  • H2S, sulfur recovery and total sulfur analyzers
  • BTU and hydrocarbon analyzers
  • Oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers
  • Flowmeters
  • A/C and D/C power sources
  • Pressure and level transmitters
  • Temperature monitoring and controls
  • Network performance monitoring instruments
  • Network security and wireless device testers

How August can help

Building components that must stand up to the standards of emerging powerful technology like 5G and autonomous driving requires unrelenting commitment to ensuring top quality. August can deliver this demanding level of quality for your manufactured electronic components and final equipment assembly. We have the experience and expertise to evolve solutions to address your specific needs in the electronics instrumentation industry.

Serving a wide variety of different end-industries requires us to procure and inventory large numbers of stock components. End-to-end supply chain management can very quickly become highly complex and inefficient if not managed correctly. Our 30 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management enables us to efficient manage your component and final product inventories for you.


Our capabilities for your electronic instrumentation manufacturing needs include:

  • Medium to high-mix and low to medium volume manufacturing
  • Strategic supply chain and inventory management
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly
  • Box build and sub-assemblies including electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Design for manufacturability feedback and reporting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Aftermarket support including rework and refurbishments
  • Cabling and cable harness Integration
  • Rigorous inspecting and testing protocols
  • Formal quality management system documenting non-conformances
  • Full traceability and defect tracking through bar coding
  • Enhanced mechanical integrity through encapsulation, conformal coating or potting

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Accolades from our clients and strategic partnerships

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"August Electronics is a leader among our manufacturing partners for value, quality and service. The services that they have provided such as responsive and competitive quoting, responsible procurement, on-time builds and a focus on quality,have developed a positive relationship. We have found the team at August Electronics to be a manufacturing partner that goes the extra mile to make sure our projects are successful."

Curtis L.
Owner, Recreational Automotive Control Systems Manufacturer
April 12

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