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Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Services

Automobiles have become an essential part of life and business, coming into global use during the 20th century. Automotive technology is rapidly evolving to the point where autonomous vehicles may soon become a reality on our streets. However, safety and reliability are paramount when manufacturing electronic components for driver assistance systems or aftermarket parts for tuning and performance.

With the emergence of smart technology and artificial intelligence, automobiles are also becoming smarter, IoT connected and more enjoyable. They will use technology including:

  • CarPlay: Integrates your smartphone with your vehicle’s multimedia unit, enabling access to calling functions and navigation systems through the vehicles in-dash display.
  • IOT Connected: Vehicles are starting to make use of IoT technology to communicate to other IoT ready devices obtaining information on traffic and routes, or for fleet and cargo logistics and monitoring.
  • Driver-Assistance Systems: high-precision cameras enable enhanced external vision and driver monitoring. Self-parking systems utilize sensors to detect spacing and automatically determine moves required to fit into the parking space.
  • HMI (Human-Machine Interface): Intelligent and responsive user interfaces, gesture controls, and head-up displays that make information available to the driver while they are focused on the road.
  • Lighting: Intelligent lighting processes and capabilities improve efficiency, safety and functionality. Creative aftermarket lighting components for off-roading, better visibility or illumination and overall vehicle aesthetics.

AutomotiveSome of the types of products we have supported our automotive client’s manufacture include:

  • Boost control
  • LS EFI systems (controls, gauges, sensors and displays)
  • Engine control units (ECU)
  • Wiring, cables and relays
  • Tuners and programmers
  • Ignition system components
  • Navigation systems
  • Audio systems
  • Back-up cameras
  • Jump start battery boosters
  • LED lighting racks and accessory lights

How August can help

It is critical that the advanced electronics, lighting and sensing components for any of these technologies are of top quality and reliable. They must not fail. We offer many automotive electronics manufacturing solutions to meet the current and emerging trends in the automotive industry.

August’s stringent procurement standards, rigorous testing, quality assurance and quality control in all manufacturing processes can help you meet the technology demands of this industry.

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