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CEO Tanya Korenda of August Electronics

A message from Tanya Korenda, CEO

Welcome to August Electronics, where innovation meets excellence in the world of electronics manufacturing. As one of the owners and CEO of August Electronics, I’m proud to share with you the passion, precision, and dedication that drive us every day.

For years, we’ve committed ourselves to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients and partners. Our journey has been one of relentless pursuit of perfection, harnessing the latest technologies, and fostering a culture of innovation that propels us forward.

The exclusive video you’re about to witness is more than just a glimpse into our operations; it’s an invitation to understand our ethos. You’ll see firsthand the cutting-edge processes, our rigorous quality control, and, most importantly, the people behind our success. Our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence is what truly sets us apart.

This is an exciting time at August Electronics, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with you. We believe that partnership can lead to remarkable achievements, and this video is the first step towards exploring the potential of what we can accomplish together.
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