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Design For Manufacturing & Assembly

As your strategic partner through your product development cycle, we start by assisting our clients in developing the optimal design for manufacturing; which includes design for assembly (DFA), design for inspection (DFI), design for costing (DFC), and design for testing (DFT) feedback. This enables the most cost-efficient assembly of your innovation, a shorter delivery timeline where possible, and stronger quality assurance. We generate customized reports that verify your Bill of Materials against our review. This encapsulates valuable savings early in the process.

Design for manufacturing becomes increasingly important for medium to high-volume production as well as for low-volume environments where it helps to reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE).

Our design for manufacturing efforts are aimed at helping you optimize your designs of a part, assembly, process or product to be more cost-effective, to be of better quality and to meet production timelines.

Design for manufacturing assumes greater importance in a global marketplace where cost, quality and speed to market are key success factors for a product. We seek to identify and rectify inefficiencies to streamline the process and minimize the amount of manual labour required.

We apply this approach across all your manufacturing needs – from surface mount or through-hole PCB assemblies, box build assemblies, cable harness assemblies and electro-mechanical builds to large-scale industrial equipment.

The success of any New Product Introduction (NPI) program relies on strategic selection of all components, component placements, materials and suppliers to achieve the optimal manufacturing process for your product.

With our expertise in design for manufacturing across the electronic, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electro-mechanical areas, we can advise and support you at this critical product development stage. This is important to ensure the viability of your products through its lifecycle in the marketplace.

Design For Manufacturing Value-Added Benefits

Our customized DFM report ensures we capture potential cost over-runs, duplication of components or unnecessary lost production time with errors.

We mitigate the risk up front to provide the most efficient package possible.

  • Measurable advantages of our DFM report:
  • Optimization of your design allows greater automation
  • Based on our global network and range of inventory options

With August Electronics as your contract manufacturing partner, you benefit from several other advantages such as:

  • Our strong operating procedures ensure a shorter time to market for your product.
  • We continuously review our processes to enhance our manufacturing productivity and supplier conformance.
  • We improve your bottom line with increased product quality and reliability in service.
  • Our quality control and testing programs are aimed at mitigating downtime and maintenance.

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