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Your manufacturing partner for repair and refurbishment.

We realize that over time the electronic equipment we manufactured for you will eventually require some form of repair, refurbishment, modifications or upgrading. As your strategic end-to-end electronic manufacturing partner, we enable a seamless transition from volume production to aftermarket support.

During the manufacturing process, our experts work with your team to establish a customized aftermarket support plan based on your volume production forecasts that is tailored to your product requirements and end user’s expectations.

Our value-add process

Due to the complex nature of repairs and refurbishments on PCBs and final box build or electro-mechanical assemblies, we only offer repair and refurbishment services on the products we have been intimately involved with during the production process.

After we receive your used equipment, we conduct a thorough cleaning, identify any required upgrades and repair any damage and wear-and-tear. We then bring your equipment up to the latest functional standards, inspect and test it before returning it to your end users or storing it for future orders.

Working closely with you, we develop refurbishment standards for field returns. This enables us to handle any repairs or refurbishments quickly and efficiently, minimizing your products’ downtime. We use barcode tracking to manage our repair process, ensuring traceability and consistent turnaround times. We strive to return your equipment back into operation within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of repair services required.

Why use our repair and refurbishment services:

  • Your product is not functioning properly in the field.
  • Your end-customer may have discarded the product for reasons such as ageing functionality, new legislation or business choice. Your product requires refurbishment, updates or repackaging.
  • You have not sold the product to your end-customer, but you need some modifications or repairs to a batch of product such as a software upgrade.
  • You know why your product isn’t functioning properly and it is uneconomical to repair but you need to understand the root cause of the failure to improve your product design for future iterations.
  • You have exceptional customer service and products, you see value in offering your customers aftermarket support to maintain your reputation and keep your products in-service.

Do you need repair and refurbishment services?

Whether it’s simple PCB repairs or extensive electro-mechanical assembly refurbishments, August has the resources and technical expertise to keep your products in-service.