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EMS Strategic Planning

Good planning ensures optimal use of resources, materials, scheduling of manufacturing processes and labour, as well as managing the supply chain to balance demand and capacity.

This involves a strong element of anticipating needs over time. In the short term, all resources must be scheduled in detail allowing for different factors that play a role in taking a product from concept to the market based on your timelines and in the most cost-efficient manner. The right materials and inventory must be managed efficiently with accurate reporting and forecasting. Eventually leading to long term planning such as upgrading or procuring additional equipment as required to support demand of your products.


Once your design is finalized, prototyping is the next critical phase in your manufacturing process. Electrical, mechanical, and hardware engineers and designers explore and optimize components in a virtual environment before investing in materials, assembly, and test equipment. It expedites the New Product Introduction (NPI) process to bring the best product to market quickly and ready to scale.

Prototyping offer several benefits. It provides confirmation that your design is viable, and offers a sense of the aesthetics  and functionality of your product design as well as information on production techniques, materials and costs.

It allows you to gather feedback from various stakeholders such as distributors, retailers and target end-users of your product. Design problems can be discovered early on and testing can be conducted to determine durability, final function and overall design look and feel.

How August can help you

In the planning and prototyping stages, we offer you services including:

  • Components and materials selection including obsolescence planning
  • Global network of vetted suppliers
  • Supply chain planning
  • Revision control of BoMs and assemblies
  • Customized NPI process based on your build requirements
  • First article inspection (FAI) of SMT and final assemblies
  • Dedicated NPI team to manage NPI build schedules
  • Design for manufacturing feedback

In the prototyping phase, you also benefit from our 85,000 sq-ft in-house manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment run by skilled technologists and engineers.


We can seamlessly transform your innovative designs into quality prototypes, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our New Product Introduction (NPI) process is tailored to your needs, not only enabling us to efficiently build proof of concept prototypes but effortlessly transition to volume production.

Explore our plan, procure and prototype capabilities below for more details.

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