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Agricultural Industrial Technologies For Your Needs

Agricultural technologies are of particular interest to many clients. According to the International Food Policy Research Institute, judicious application of agricultural technology can increase global crop production by up to 67 percent by 2050 and reduce the price of food significantly due to increased crop productivity.

There is a rising demand for precision agriculture technology to assure best quality, quantity and financial returns on crops. Simultaneously, a decrease in the cost of remote sensors coupled with advances in cloud-computing technology, and smart access devices are making precision agriculture more cost-effective for farmers.

Farming and ranching have evolved from its labour-intensive models into sophisticated business. There are GPS-controlled harvesting and tilling equipment as well as precision computerized facility control systems.

Farmers need equipment solutions that help them stay competitive in the modern agricultural environment. Innovation in the agricultural industry is being driven by influences from other industries. Some examples are:

Perception and sensing technologies that help farmers interpret the external environment and make more informed decisions. Connectivity technologies which enables equipment to easily communicate large amounts of data to operators and other machines.

AgriculturalSome of the types of products we have supported our agricultural client’s manufacture include:

  • Custom cable-builds.
  • Custom wiring harnesses for OEM machinery and controllers
  • Soil moisture sensors and cables
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Fan control units
  • Irrigation controllers
  • Insect detection systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Antennas and receivers
Agricultural industrial technologies

How August can help

Our manufacturing knowledge about agricultural industrial technologies can inform your plans and add value to smart farm ecosystems. Considering the outdoor nature of most agricultural equipment, we take care to provide product solutions that are built to withstand severe weather, harsh chemicals, and tough field conditions.

Accolades from our clients and strategic partnerships

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Working with August Electronics has been a very positive experience for our company. August has provided us with both populated PCBs and full-turnkey products. Our appreciation of August is based on how they manufacture quality products for us, deliver our orders in a timely manner, offer cost-improvement recommendations and how they continually support us with great customer service. We highly recommend August Electronics and look forward to future business with them.

John B.
Purchasing Coordinator, Agriculture Management Solutions OEM
April 15

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