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EMS Supply Chain Management

A smart supply chain that enhances manufacturing.

As your strategic partner for electronic manufacturing services (EMS), we understand the need for supply chain management (SCM).

Our engineering, procurement, supply chain and logistics teams are experts at identifying sourcing options tailored to your specific needs.

We supply a variety of products to diverse industries. This requires us to procure a wide portfolio of component types, from machined, die-cut, cast and formed metal products to high-end electronic components, plastics, brackets, wires, motors, power supplies and more.

We have long-standing, collaborative relationships with vetted suppliers in the global marketplace. This reduces our cost of acquisition and the supply chain complexity, while maintaining our commitment to quality and delivery timelines.

As an ISO certified manufacturer, we follow an industry recognized supplier evaluation process to partner and secure reputable suppliers. We continually evaluate and monitor their performance to limit non-conforming materials and components from entering our production floor.

Managing obsolesence

Shorter product life cycles in the electronics market may cause thousands of components to become obsolete each year. We can help you monitor, manage and plan for such obsolescence. Working with our key suppliers, we provide you with up-to-date information. Using early warning processes in place to identify the “at risk” parts, we can run obsolescence risk analysis in advance and plan the transition to a replacement component or identify causes and sources of obsolescence.

We keep your Bill of Materials (BOMs) accurate and complete. Our sophisticated audit and analysis tools keep you confidently aware of component life cycle information.

Our close monitoring of the market enables us to swiftly adapt our supply chain in response to changing conditions.

Material procurement

We can help you plan your EMS procurement strategically. The right materials are critical to transform your innovation to a manufactured product.

We work with you to assemble a technical documentation package with the parts your product will require. Then we provide you with accurate costing information for your electronics manufacturing project.

As a part of our ISO 9001 certification and in-house procedures, we will help you:

  • Identify and recommend comparable alternatives for “at risk” components.
  • Source obsolete parts (if necessary and warranted by the product design).
  • Review Bill of Materials (BOMs) for compliance with legal requirements.

Global network

Our established relationships with vetted suppliers across the world, allow us to source the parts you need competitively and quickly. By integrating your BOMs and Approved Vendor Listing (AVL) into our ERP system, we can evaluate your materials requirements against these suppliers, and leverage our relationship and reputation to control your costs.

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Materials verification & quality control

We believe in balancing competitively priced materials with maintaining a high level of quality. We will not sacrifice quality and reliability over lower cost. Our defect tracking system records all non-conformances so we can continually improve and ensure our suppliers deliver only the best quality components and materials.

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