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Power & Renewable Energy

Power generation and renewable energy industries face ongoing transformation that is driven by new technologies and changing customer expectations. Almost every other industry relies on power for its continued operations and like most industries there is a focus on lowering costs and improving quality. The traditional centrally distributed model of energy production is being replaced by a more modular and consumer driven model. Renewables are strengthening grid reliability and are becoming more efficient and cost effective with the use of automation and IoT connectivity.

Renewable energy and green technologies are assuming greater importance in today’s world and economies. Many companies and governments are pushing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing renewable energy sources. The Canadian Federal Government announced in late 2016 that 100% of the electricity used in their buildings and operations will be from renewable energy sources by 2025. As a corporate citizen dedicated to sustainability, we apply our manufacturing expertise to propel our client’s in the alternative power generation, wind, solar, and other renewable energy industries such as biomass and geothermal.

How August can help

We know the importance of ensuring your products are reliable and we can develop scalable product manufacturing solutions that focus on availability, efficiency, power density, cost, and performance. We collaborate with you to develop your next-generation products that enhance operational efficiencies. Our stringent procurement standards and rigorous inspection and testing protocols, whether supplied by you or developed by our experts, help you meet the energy demands of this industry.

We can support your electronic manufacturing needs by developing efficient solutions for New Product Introductions (NPI) through to volume production. We are continuously improving our manufacturing processes to ensure we always deliver the highest quality products.


Our capabilities for your power and renewable energy manufacturing needs include:

  • Power supply products
  • Solar transmitters and PV modules
  • PV power cabinets (PPC), charge controllers and on or off grid inverters
  • Distribution cabinets
  • Cables and cable harnesses
  • Smart solar street lamps and pumps
  • Smart meters
  • Pitch control systems
  • Wind turbine generator control systems
  • Energy storage systems
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

Learn more about how we help the power & renewable industry OEMs:

Accolades from our clients and strategic partnerships

testimonial placeholder
The origins of many of our electronic subassemblies go back to the inception of August Electronics. We cherish, trust and rely on their level of commitment and flexibility to working collaboratively and professionally to resolve challenges and supply product on time to meet the varying demands of our business. We have built and maintain excellent working relationships at all levels and look forward to a continued and successful partnership with August Electronics, our electronics contract manufacturer of choice.

Jim K.
Principal Engineer, Power Technology Company
April 12

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