12 Apr
Explore the Benefits of Choosing a Canadian Electronics Manufacturer for Your OEM Business

Discover how choosing a Canadian electronics manufacturer can transform your OEM business. From logistical benefits and quality assurance to cost savings and innovative technology, learn why Canada offers a strategic advantage..

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13 Mar
Bare PCBs. Essential Tips for proper PCB storage and handling. A guide by August Electronics.
Essential Tips for Proper PCB Storage and Handling

In the intricate world of electronics manufacturing, ensuring the longevity and reliability of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is paramount..

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14 Feb
August Electronics: Proximity Enhances Outcomes, the strategic of a local electronics manufacturing ally.
Proximity Enhances Outcomes: The Strategic Advantage of a Local Electronics Manufacturing Ally

The process of electronics manufacturing, particularly PCB assembly and box build assembly, is intricate and requires a comprehensive..

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18 Oct
August Electronics: Elevating Health and Wellness Through Medical Electronics Manufacturing
Elevating Health & Wellness Through Medical Electronics Manufacturing

In an era where health and wellness are at the forefront of technological innovation, the medical electronics manufacturing industry faces...

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12 Sep
Unlocking Efficiency and Convenience: The Advantages of Turnkey Orders in Contract Electronics Manufacturing, August Electronics
Unlocking Efficiency: The Advantages of Turnkey Orders in Contract Electronics Manufacturing 

When it comes to the realm of manufacturing, businesses are often confronted with a pivotal choice..

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09 Jun
Rebranded imaged August Electronics
Benchmarking The Rebrand

One year ago marks the official launch of our new August …

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21 Jan
Manufacturing Industries in North America
Outlook 2020: Trends in Electronics Manufacturing

Emerging technologies and the rapid advancement of IOT, A.I and Blockchain will...

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07 Jan
Electronics Manufacturing Partner
Finding the Right EMS Provider for Your Firm

Finding the right electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partner...

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12 Dec
Automated Optical Inspection machine for PCB Assembly
The Importance of Automated Optical Inspection for PCB Assembly

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the central processing unit of ...

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05 Dec
PCB board with optimized part placement
Managing your PCB Cost Design

Efficient cost control is a prime consideration for any Original Equipment...

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27 Nov
A PCB Board with electronics
Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing

The decision to outsource your electronics manufacturing is not…

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22 Nov
Finding a CEM Partner Aligned with Your OEM Product Mix
Finding a CEM Partner Aligned with Your OEM Product Mix

Our economic narrative the last few years has been similar in all sectors…

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