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13 Nov
Design for Manufacturing: Contemplate, Anticipate & Optimize Your PCB
Design for Manufacturing: Contemplate, Anticipate & Optimize Your PCB

A critical success factor in your product development journey...

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17 Oct
End-to-end Electronics Manufacturing Lifecycle
IPCs: Shared Standards of Quality in Electronics Assembly

Manufacturing your printed circuit board assembly involves several steps....

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19 Sep
copyright logo in binary
Preserving Intellectual Property with CEMs

The world today is a global village – seamlessly interconnected digitally...

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10 Sep
A world of limitless connectivity
A World of Limitless Connectivity

Electronics are found in just about any device and any application in any...

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28 Aug
The Tangible Value of Blockchain for OEMs
The Tangible Value of Blockchain for OEMs

Quite simply, blockchain is a means of recording and verifying information...

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15 Aug
PCB quality inspection
Quality – An Essential Value & Operational Philosophy

Quality control is a CEM’s core-value-driven process that ensures defect-free...

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10 Jul
Solder recycling program by August Electronics
Solder Recycling Program

We are committed to implementing sustainable practices and reducing...

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04 Jul
YYC Peace bridge
Go local: Electronics manufacturing in your backyard

Alberta is synonymous with oil and gas and a province rich in amenities. In recent years...

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27 Jun
Louise Dean Centre Food Drive 2019
Louise Dean Centre Food Drive

We held our first food drive campaign in support of the Louse Dean Centre...

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17 Jun
Industry 4.0 technologies representation
Staying ahead of the curve: Electronics Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Technologies

The pace of technological change is both rapid and dynamic. It’s altering how we...

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15 May
Rebranded imaged August Electronics
Our Refreshed Brand; Your Electronics Manufacturing Partner

After nearly 30 years in business, all of us at August Electronics are...

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15 May
EP&T Article
EP&T Feature Interview

August Electronics’ co-founder Peter Wilson talks with EP&T about our facility...

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