Go local: Electronics manufacturing in your backyard

Posted by: AEICM Marketing
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Alberta is synonymous with oil and gas and a province rich in amenities. In recent years we have been under the microscope both politically and economically. During this most recent volatility we are reminded that a more balanced and diversified economic base is needed.

While the oil and gas industry remains foundational to the Alberta economy, there are other industries that are growing; such as the manufacturing sector which employs over 100,000 employees. Calgary’s Economic Development established a $100 million Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF) to support growth and diversification of the economy. The government of Canada is supporting diverisification and growth to the Canadian economy through the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) where $1.6 billion has been contributed to innovative business projects with over half of these projects are in the advanced manufacturing and digital industries. A key area within this silo is electronics manufacturing.

With advancements in technology and innovation, electronic manufacturing is thriving. We are experiencing rapid growth and change across all industries with the emergence of IoT, Blockchain, and the implementation of A.I to existing and new products. As electronics is prevalent in all industries, we can become a centre of excellence here in Alberta.

While many often look to Asia-Pacific for cost-effective manufacturing options, high quality products at a competitive price can be found in our own backyard. August offers a competitive option that takes a lifecycle approach to the cost of manufacturing your product. Local support affords greater security of proprietary information, balanced inventory options, tighter quality controls, reduction in error rates and of course a relationship that goes beyond price.

August Electronics is proud to be locally owned and operated and has customized our Calgary-based, 85,000 square-foot electronics manufacturing facility to meet any challenge. We’ve spent nearly 30 years refining the process of manufacturing. We thrive on quality and continual improvement.

Are you looking for a strong, local electronic manufacturing services provider? Contact us today to discover more about the latest in electronics manufacturing and how we can help you drive your business forward.