You have to see it to believe it: The power of a site visit.

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An engineer looking into the blueprints

Thinking of outsourcing or switching your contract electronics manufacturing provider? There is a good chance you have already completed your preliminary research and are now at the qualification stage. Your decision about who to partner with should only be made once you’ve actually seen and spent time in their facility and with their team.

The move to place all stages of your product’s production in someone else’s hand is a big one. A capable and established manufacturing partner should welcome prospective clients to see their systems, process functions, and capabilities first hand. The level of care and attention in operational functions speaks volumes on how your product will be built.

A site visit is about more than you getting to know your potential partner. It’s also a chance for the Electronics Manufacturing Service company to better understand your needs and goals. By sharing the details of your product and where you want to take it, both parties can ensure it’s a match.

A site visit – evaluate to the goals and standards you believe in

To help you prepare for a site visit, here are some useful questions to consider:

People. Is the organizational structure stable and supported? What experience and expertise can they provide? Do they have internal mechanisms that promote continued learning and development? Are the people looking after your business proficient, passionate and professional?

Culture. Does your potential partner promote values and ethical standards that align to yours? Is their culture and team structured in a manner that provides high quality work and consistency? Are they actively engaged in the community and progressive in their business philanthropy?

Capability. Process work flow and systems should be clear and defined. Is your partner efficient and maintaining a quality standard and continual evaluation of these functions? Does the physical layout and configuration of production afford growth potential? Is material traceable and auditable? What regulatory and industry standards do they adhere to? Are they able to support the scalable growth of your business? What is involved in their quality management and testing programs? Do they offer Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) feedback? Is there a program for repair, refurbishment and administration of legacy products?

As a product developer, your time is precious, that’s why it’s important to invest the time up front. At August Electronics, we want to feel confident our partners have made the right decision in choosing us for their end-to-end electronic manufacturing needs. If you’re considering outsourcing or changing your current Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, inquire about a site visit with us to start the conversation.